Social Media Marketing Strategy to grow your business

Social media and marketing trends are constantly evolving. Here are some social media marketing trends that I believe every business online needs to implement and prioritize in 2021–2022.

Social media is very visual, so you’ll see brands engage with viewers through simple, uncluttered images. Think GIFs, Facebook Cover Photos and visual brand stories on Instagram. Consumers will want to interact with brands on these visual platforms more.

Humor is set to remain in style, and social media humor is often the most liked post on Facebook. Social media success will depend on understanding your target audience and what they’re looking for. To stay on top of new trends, take a look at the various social media marketing platforms that are available.

Content value will beat production quality.

It’s only natural that people will want to do more of the things they like, like posting on social media or going out and engaging with people, rather than watching video content or listening to music. Your content will have to be very compelling if it’s going to be successful.

Quality over quantity. Investing in a big push to add more content will increase your social following, but the number of followers you can bring will also decrease. People don’t want to read.

Social media platforms could double as shopping channels.

Consumers could use their social media accounts to make purchases. Social media platforms might provide incentives for consumers to shop through their accounts. For instance, offering free shipping when someone purchases certain products, such as a pair of shoes or a T-shirt.

They could offer rewards in exchange for making purchases through their social media channels. Businesses could set up deals in-store for people who check the activity feeds of their social media accounts while shopping.

Consumers will crave snackable content.

This is a type of content that can be brought to life with visual and audio elements. By creating bite-size content, you can foster a desire for your brand to continue to use social media to share updates on your company’s happenings and to promote sales.

Some of the best examples of bite-size content are Videos that are well-made with a clear message Images and photos with large clear text that tells a clear story Chatbots are going to dominate social media marketing.

Video will continue to take center stage.

Video has the potential to be the ultimate channel for digital marketing. Unfortunately, not all brands or marketers have embraced the power of video, because for many it can be time-consuming and expensive to produce.

As a result, there is tremendous potential to benefit by investing in video for your social media marketing strategy.

For example, according to The Influence Alliance (TIA), by 2021, businesses will spend a total of $6 billion on social video advertising.

That is a staggering investment. But the benefits are immense. Video has the ability to drive engagement and committed users, and deliver a higher level of engagement.

Social media users will embrace gaming and VR.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, will make significant changes to user policies and changes to privacy. To survive and thrive, businesses will need to adapt.

At this time, virtual reality will be relatively affordable, and interactive games will be popular on social media platforms. Gaming will become more mainstream.

Chatbots will be popular across social media platforms. Companies will use them to simplify social media marketing and make it easy for customers to connect with the business.

Chatbots will enable businesses to have a conversation with their customers instead of trying to provide answers to customer questions. This will be a time where virtual reality and gaming becomes the next social media platform.

Conversational marketing will change its tone.

Back in the day, conversational marketing mainly consisted of user interactions with a brand. Take their tweet, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest boards, Snapchat videos and so on.

For most social media platforms, interacting with a brand requires at least a screen to view the content. However, there are three major trends that will transform conversational marketing into a meaningful conversation.

The first is AI. Intelligent machines will start making decisions based on previous engagement, sentiment, and location of the user. The next step will be to automate those decisions and make them customizable based on the user’s personal preferences.

Authenticity will be vital.

Building authentic relationships, like with your customers, is what we will see brands focus on in the future. Businesses should not use automation and automation-friendly social media platforms that don’t foster a human relationship, like Hootsuite.

Brands should not be afraid to provide information on their brand and products to customers, answering questions and addressing concerns.

Customer service will take center stage. Brands will place more focus on the customer service of their social media accounts, encouraging customers to share questions, issues, and concerns about products and services.

When businesses offer more value to their customers, it’s easier to get them to engage with their brand on social media, to post comments, and to comment on social media posts.

How to Capitalize on 2021 Social Media Marketing Trends.

In 2016, Facebook and Google took on over 1/3 of all digital advertising dollars spent and these two giants are expected to take more share in the next 5 years.

But, in the absence of innovation and a proactive strategy, digital marketers are failing to gain any traction on the search engines.

In fact, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings are slowly losing ground on Google as the position of the coveted top ranking decreases.

This needs to change, especially as Search Engine Optimization is a major function of all marketing professionals and companies and it needs to be revised to reflect the latest technologies.

Navigating Social Media in 2021

What started off as a nebulous new form of marketing is now more and more important. Over the past few years social media has evolved tremendously, with most brands having a presence on social media.

The landscape has changed since 2011 when Facebook took the lead. Every week I come across new figures and statistics regarding the global reach of social media platforms, especially Facebook. Social media is not only a reflection of trends and consumer behavior but also a business opportunity.

Social media and marketing trends will continue to change and the way consumers interact with the brands they love. Now, instead of the rich and privileged few only getting their attention through traditional media, you can be seen, recognized and rewarded through social media.


Our digital marketing is dependent on the quality and quantity of the data that is available to us. We can analyze data to make better decisions about what kind of marketing works best for our business.

For example, with our business website, we are collecting data on visitors to our site. This allows us to determine which types of marketing techniques are most effective for our business.

Businesses today need to determine the right strategy to use on each social media platform and make sure their strategies reflect their unique branding. To do this, businesses will need to generate a strong brand presence on each social media platform.

Brands that use the right strategy will be better equipped to increase sales, brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty.

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Originally published at on June 21, 2021.

ERAONS is a leading Software and Digital Marketing company that offers a wide variety of services like website designing, digital marketing, app development and

ERAONS is a leading Software and Digital Marketing company that offers a wide variety of services like website designing, digital marketing, app development and